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Who is she?

Madeline isn't quirky, she's just weird.


Like, really. She's neurodivergent. She's an only child. She collects vintage dolls and displays them in her bedroom because she believes they will protect her from emotionally unavailable men. She is the funniest person she knows and this fortunate (and totally not deluded) perception makes living in this Capitalist hellscape bearable. She is obviously very charming!

Madeline contains multitudes: she is a published poet active in the New York poetry scene, fine art model (painting by Sharon Sprung pictured right), budding stylist, and she dedicates time to showcasing flowers in bloom and dead things she sees on the street... yep, see, told you she was weird. But remember, also very charming!


Headshots - Legit


Headshots - Commercial

Production Photos



The Crucible; Hunger Theatre at Access Theater:


"Hunger Theatre delivers an emotionally raw version of The Crucible that reveals the terror caused by personal vengeance, religious hysteria, and political persecution. The strength of this production is the striking performances from virtually the entire cast.... Special mention must be made of Madeline Adelle Phillips, whose Mary Warren personified the complexity of the simple girl's tortured confusion - Stephen Marino, Editor, The Arthur Miller Journal

"MADELINE ADELLE PHILLIPS captured the weak and naive Mary Warren brilliantly. Her performance was hypnotizing and pathetic, as it was written. It’s if she lifted the character’s weakness and personality right out of Miller’s thoughts." - Michael D'Atoni, Outer-Stage

"The Hunger Theater actors were committed, well-rehearsed, and consistently fine... The crowd scenes were especially well done, positively horrifying at times, particularly when Madeline Phillips as Mary Warren, took adolescent hysteria to a new level in Act Two." - Jan Ewing from Hi! Drama.

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