Period Comedy Clip

Run Time: 0:58

Tea is served.

Period Comedy Clip 2

Running Time: 0:19

Tea with sugar.

Quirky Comedic Clip

Running Time: 1:01

A pizza delivery gets awkward.

Mockumentary Clip

Running time: 0:48

In this HGTV spoof, a failing couple struggles to flip a haunted house.

"The Fairies' Child" Trailer

Running Time: 1:10

Vampire Bride vs. Cowboy - Final Fight Call from Dracula at Jenny Wiley Theatre

Running Time: 0:18

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The Fairies' Child

Running Time: 19:33


"The Fairies' Child"

Directed by Victoria Vaughn
Screenplay by Annelise Sanders
Produced by Nick Krassowski, Victoria Vaughn, Lauren Ciaravalli, and Dorothy Coletta


Flip This

Running Time: 5:45

This short was written, shot, edited, and submitted in 48 hours for the Providence 48 Hour Film Festival! The theme was Mockumentary, the required line was "You said you would do it," the required prop was a lampshade, and we also had to include a character named Zoe Wesley, who is a real estate agent.  Enjoy!

Cinema Poem 14

Running Time: 4:16

Written and Directed by Matthew Gasda

Starring Chelsea LeSage and Madeline Adelle Phillip​s

Music of Palestrina

Nacht Der Damonen

Running Time: 18:15

Puglife Pictures in association with Tweed Dreams and Kings County Nobles

Directed by Patrick Linberg

Written by Brendan Pike and Patrick Linberg

Produced by Walter Czaya, Alyssa Fulmer, Philip Prince, Brendan Pike, Patrick Linberg

Director of Photography: Jordyn Gatti

Starring Natasha Coppola-Shalom, Marc Wooters, Jeffrey C. Wolf, Aleksandra Szczepanowska, Julia Best Warner, Madeline Adelle Phillips.

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