Originally from Massachusetts, Madeline grew up rather whimsically, spending her summers camping in Volkswagen buses all over New England. She is left-handed and was the charismatic leader of a fairy cult in 5th grade. Her father was disappointed when she decided to go to college for acting instead of dropping out of high school to become a rockstar. 


As an actress, Madeline gravitates towards period pieces, offbeat comedies, and dramas that make you feel like someone put your heart in a blender. In case it wasn't obvious, she loves Shakespeare.


Madeline is also a poet and an avid reader; her favorite poet is Edna St. Vincent Millay. Right now she is slowly but surely making her way through Anna Karenina and Dune. You can usually catch her performing original sonnets and free verse poetry once a month at the Brooklyn Poets Yawp.


While many actresses live in New York City, few can say they also happen to be one of the city's top muses for fine artists. Ever conscious of the narratives her old-world looks suggest, Madeline is known for her dynamic, dancerly short poses and for her elegant long poses. Follow @minimodelmadeline on Instagram to see the artwork she inspires!